Vocabulary lesson 100

adversity (n.) a state of poverty and trouble; a condition of misfortune or wretchedness; an instance of calamity
– Those who lived through the Great Depression of the early 1930s learned how to triumph over adversity.
adaptable (adj.) able to adjust to new conditions; able to be modified for a new use or purpose.
– They are designed to be flexible and quickly adaptable for differing operations.
animosity (n.) hostility; a feeling of strong ill will; dislike
– That animosity filtered down to the players and the dislike showed on the field.
adversary (n.) a person who fights against another; one who is in opposition to something.
– Muhammad Ali was Joe Frasier’s adversary in the boxing ring on three separate occasions.
abdomen (n.) the part of the body containing the digestive and reproductive organs; the belly.
– One of the victims was stabbed in the abdomen and cut on the neck, Roberts said.